Warranty service

Warranty service refers to the conditions stipulated subject to the Law of Georgia "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and determined by "Tifox" LLC. Free repair or replacement of the damaged device after sale - during the full warranty period (indicated on the warranty card), which includes the payment by the seller of all costs (including labor and material costs) necessary to ensure the conformity of the goods with the conditions stipulated in this agreement:

• If the product is found to be defective during the warranty period, the customer must contact the manufacturer's authorized store/service center to receive warranty service.

The customer has the right to request the seller to repair or replace the goods free of charge, unless this is impossible due to the nature of the goods or requires a disproportionate or inappropriately high cost.

• The warranty item must be repaired or replaced within a reasonable period of time after submitting the device for repair to an authorized service center. 

• The customer has the right to request a replacement of the goods or to withdraw from the contract if one of the following conditions exists:

a) the goods cannot be repaired or replaced;

b) the trader did not repair or replace the goods within a reasonable time and the consumer lost interest in the performance of the contract;

c) The repair or replacement of the goods by the merchant will cause significant disruption to the customer.

• In the event of withdrawing from the contract, the customer has the right to demand compensation for damages caused by non-fulfillment of the contract in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Georgia.

The customer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract if the defect in the goods is minor.

In determining whether an expense is disproportionate or disproportionately large, the following conditions must be taken into account:

a) the price of goods or services in case of compliance with the conditions stipulated in the contract;

b) the degree of non-compliance of the goods or services with the conditions stipulated in the contract;

c) an alternative possibility to eliminate the defect of the goods without creating a delay for the user.

1.     Warranty service is not provided/cancelled if:

• the warranty period has passed;

• The warranty card is not presented;

• The manufacturer's warranty card is not presented (if any);

• the data in the warranty card has been changed, deleted or modified;

• The serial number, email code is not readable or visible in the warranty card and on the device body;

• the device has visual or mechanical damage/defect;

• the device was used for an inappropriate purpose(s);

• the seal or seal is damaged or loose;

• the rules of storage and use attached to the device by the manufacturer are violated;

• Injury caused by improper labor;

• damage caused by electrical network failure (voltage change), mechanism damping, corrosion, exposure to high or low temperature, violation of operation and storage rules/conditions, as a result of unqualified repair/installation work performed by an incompetent person;

* The service center is not responsible for saving the client's information.

2. Exchange/return of the item and reimbursement of the item's value Subject to return:

Subject to return:

• If the item has a visual defect immediately after opening (out of the box). The visual condition of the purchased item must be checked by the user immediately after receiving it in the presence of a representative of the company at the "Tifox" branch.

• If the purchased item is found to have a manufacturing defect within 5 (five) working days after the sale, the buyer must submit the damaged item to the relevant service center/branch within the said period, in the event that the service center/branch confirms the manufacturing defect with the act of replacement, the item will be replaced in accordance with the rules established by the company.

• If the warranty item could not be repaired at the recommended service center within a reasonable time after delivery, in compliance with the conditions stipulated by the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

• The item is exchanged for the same or more (covering the difference) value at the time of the change with an item on sale. The value of the item when changing is determined by the price paid when purchasing it, or its price when exchanging (in the case when the same item is not on sale) at the lowest.

• The item can be returned only with a complete set (accessories, cables and other items included in the set...) at the time of purchase, and with undamaged factory packaging. Also, the customer must return the accessories, vouchers and/or other items (if any) received during the current promotion at the time of purchase, which must be returned or exchanged together with the original/returned device. If the said items/vouchers cannot be returned, their value will be deducted from the amount payable to the customer.


• If the customer's item is found to have any physical/external damage, the factory box/packaging is damaged or the product identification code is removed.

• If factory packaging details (box, additional packing material) are damaged;

• If the item lacks the details of the set;

• Items for which the conditions of operation are not observed

• Delivered goods or services are custom-made by the customer or clearly tailored to his personal needs;

Items that the buyer wishes to return are the buyer's within the scope of responsibility until they reach the seller's warehouse. All shipping costs to the seller's warehouse are the buyer's responsibility.

Item value refund:

1. The flawless, pre-sale condition of the item will be confirmed by the return point at the time of delivery of the item to the company.

2. At the moment of return, the customer will be fully reimbursed for the amount he paid for the item.

3. The refund will be made in the same form of payment that the customer used

4. The cost of the service is non-refundable.

In case of force majeure, Tifox LLC is entitled to make corrections to the present conditions, warranty obligations and repair terms without agreement with the customer. 

These warranty conditions are effective from the moment of sale of the product.