About Us

Mission, Goal, Values



The mission of "Tfox" is to saturate the local market and promote the development of the construction field by importing the highest quality construction materials and equipment. To create the most reliable and sought-after brand in the B2B and B2C market of construction materials and equipment by constantly improving the service and responding immediately to customer requests.


The goal of "Tfox" is to create a continuous supply chain of exclusive brands of construction materials and equipment throughout the country. To fully respond to customer requests and create a space where any customer can receive comprehensive service in a short time.


"Tfox" business strategy is fully based on such values as empathy, support, sharing of responsibility and success, continuous development and healthy competition. By putting the listed values into practice, "Tfox" tries to create a healthy environment, both within the organization and local activities.


About Company

The company "Tfox" actively operates in the market of construction materials and equipment. The brand works dynamically to scale and develop new directions.

The company actively imports  products from different countries of the world. Among the names of the imported products are world-established brands of construction equipment and materials, whose official representative is "Tfox".

"Tfox" showroom presents a diverse assortment of SFS, OSCAR, WEBER, SEKIZLI brands. The customer has the opportunity to choose sandwich panels, construction equipment, paints, construction powders, heat and waterproofing materials, as well as doors and various construction accessories in one space.

The company's goal is to become the most reliable and quality-related brand in the construction materials and equipment market. Chief among the company's challenges is to respond to the consumer demands of B2B sector.

Despite the saturated market, Tfox's experience, loyal and empathetic relationship with the customer, correct pricing strategy and ability to adapt to the market policy allow it to establish itself in the market as the most sought-after brand in the construction materials and equipment market.